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To make plans for your next winter holiday that little bit easier, we are giving you the opportunity of cancelling your holiday free of charge up to 3 weeks beforehand. For cancellations 3-1 weeks before the start of your holiday a charge of 50% will be levied, and for cancellations 1 week beforehand, 90%. In the eventuality of a border closure or the hotel being forced to shut down, guests may cancel free of charge, even at the last minute. We are doing this to give you some security in the event that, for whatever reason, you are unable to take your holiday as planned.

Dear guests,

We realise that you want your winter holiday 20/21 to be a carefree affair, but at the same time you want to feel safe. We want exactly the same. Our aim is to ensure that guests enjoy a laid-back holiday experience combined with the best possible health and safety protection.

During the past summer season we have had the chance to gather valuable practical experience regarding the current situation. On this basis, during the past weeks and months, we and all our partners have collaborated locally with a team of safety experts engaged specially for the Lech Zürs area. During this time we have worked out a set of measures valid throughout the entire region and adhered to by all the parties involved. For our desired objective can only be attained with a united approach and a common plan which is understood and agreed to by everyone concerned. That objective is: the highest possible standards of safety and hygiene for everyone concerned combined with the minimum disruption to the holiday experience.

Set out below you will find a short summary of  the precautions we have undertaken to ensure your stay with us in Lech Zürs leaves you feeling happy and reassured.


The very best criteria...

More space, more time – With good reason, this claim has been true of our region for nearly two decades. Today it is more strongly valid than ever, and with an added dimension. Lech Zürs stands for quality and quantity, for spaciousness, for room to move. It therefore follows that social distancing is much easier here!

Traffic light system – The aim of the so-called traffic light system, introduced by the Austrian national government, is to ensure the highest possible degree of safety for both Vorarlberg residents and guests. Using the colours green, amber and red, it regulates which prevention measures should apply to which districts. For guests in Vorarlberg, the regional government‘s traffic light system is the determining factor: it offers guests detailed orientation and clarification as to which regulations apply in any one specific holiday resort or area. Further information about this system can be found at Purely a means of guidance and prevention, the traffic light system aims to ensure protection and health for all. It can make recommendations for certain areas or facilities, such as the wearing of face protection, social distancing, limiting numbers of people, tests, tracing and so forth. These recommendations can offer substantial help in ensuring a minimised risk of infection. The traffic light colours have absolutely no relevance whatsoever to any government travel restrictions, travel recommendations or warnings which may be currently in effect in respect of countries from or through which guests may have travelled, and we strongly advise guests to check all such regulations before commencing travel.  


Careful preparation...

In order to ensure a professional approach to the current situation, Lech Zürs has appointed an official Covid-19 Commission, consisting of representatives from all sectors. Supported by safety experts who also work alongside the Vorarlberg federal government, this meets every two weeks to evaluate the regulations currently in force and to adapt the legislation where necessary. A short precis of the main subjects under review by this commission is listed below:


Guest testing

Should you require a PCR test during your stay in Lech, or if you need an up-to-date PCR confirmation for your employer after your holiday, testing is possible at the local GP surgeries upon payment of a mandatory fee.

It is also possible, for a set fee, to obtain a PCR quick test in Innsbruck or Dornbirn before your holiday begins. The results are available withikn 3 hours of testing, and thus before your arrival in Lech Zürs.


Testing for staff members

For staff working in hotels,ski schools, ski lifts and other businesses in the resort an optional weekly testing facility is available in the village. To date this facility has been very well attended, with an average of 300 tests being carried out each week.

  • Entry tests are planned for all staff arriving in autumn, as well as for any school age children they may have.
  • Fundamentally all our staff are strictly trained in the importance of adhering to all relevant social distancing and hygiene regulations, both in their private lives as well as at work. 


Travelling by bus

For winter 20/21 five extra buses will be operating, to avoid any possibility of overcrowding. As a result there will now be 16 buses in service in the parish of Lech.

Again to prevent overcrowding and to control the flow of skiers, a series of specially appointed safety officers will ensure that everything runs in a smooth and orderly manner.

Each bus can legally accommodate a maximum of 80 passengers. The wearing of masks is mandatory whilst queueing, as well as when travelling in the bus itself.


The ski area

The current position in the case of Ski Arlberg can be found by visiting: In addition, standardised national regulations are being prepared by the Ministry, governing all ski areas throughout Austria. Ski Arlberg will publish details of these regulations as soon as they are announced.  


Gastronomy and the hotel industry in general

The current distancing and hygiene regulations apply everywhere, and are being adhered to especially rigorously in all the hotels and businesses in Lech Zürs.

The last few months have taught us that the possibility of locating contacts via the track and trace system is absolutely crucial to avoid a general quarantine. As a result we heartily recommend that our guests, as well as all local people and staff members, either use the Red Cross STOP Corona App, or register when visiting restaurants.

Traditional après ski will be available in Lech Zürs as usual, where possible using outdoor facilities and with assigned seats. For the coming winter these open spaces will be extended and adapted to comply with the current social distancing and hygiene regulations, using, for example, plexi glass partitioning on and between the tables.

Nightlife in its usual sense of entertainment in bars and clubs will sadly not be available this coming winter. However, there is nothing to prevent you eating out in restaurants, provided the relevant regulations are adhered to.  

  • During these abnormal times, many of our restaurants are prepared to offer a takeaway food service. We are also offering our guests an additional take-out service when required.


Ski schools

Ski courses can be booked online via the websites of all the various ski schools.

Children’s ski school lunch facilities have already been arranged with the relevant suppliers (Lech ski school and Oberlech ski school) and planned through until the end of the 2021 season.

The usual system of a single ski school meeting place will not be used this winter. The ski schools (Lech, Oberlech and Zürs) have already worked out carefully prepared alternative plans for the coming season, and will advise you accordingly.



Everyone here in Lech Zürs has agreed to pull together as a team so that you, our guests, have to contend with as few superfluous rules and regulations as possible. In addition we as an individual  business are adhering to a rigorous in-house and personal safety strategy to ensure that everyone will feel comfortable and safe.

This period of pre-season preparation must be regarded as a time when things are liable to change at short notice. We would therefore ask you to check regularly on the Lech Zürs Tourismus website for any current updates:

We heartily recommend spending your hard-earned winter break with us in Lech Zürs and, thanks to all the careful preparations, we do so in all honesty and with a clear conscience. Enjoy a  carefree and safe holiday here, with plenty of space and lots of time to relax and recharge your batteries.

Should you have any questions we will be very happy to help!


Lech am Arlberg, Dated: 22.09.2020

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